Rapid Trigger: A Revolutionary Application in Gaming

Rapid Trigger: A Revolutionary Application in Gaming
  1. Basic Explanation of Rapid Trigger Functionality
Rapid Trigger is an advanced feature of magnetic switch keyboards. Utilizing a specialized algorithm, this feature allows the keyboard to dynamically activate and deactivate keys based on the travel distance during a keypress, as opposed to relying on a fixed actuation point within the key's travel range. This results in dynamic adjustment of the actuation point, enabling instant activation of the key when you intend to press it and immediate deactivation when you intend to release it. The functionality achieves quicker repetitive key responses and more precise key actuation control. Essentially, it eliminates all latency caused by the vertical movement of the switch, which could potentially exceed 50ms. As a result, it offers a decisive advantage in games that require rapid responses and quick key presses.



2. How to Enable Rapid Trigger Feature by DrunkDeer Antler

Step 1
First, set the position of the action point. When the key passes the action point, the Rapid Trigger function starts to operate. Select the Sensitivity menu, then select the key you want to adjust, and set the position of the first action point (the range is 0.4mm-3.6mm).


Step 2
Set the sensitivity of the rapid trigger. Once the setting is greater than 0, the rapid trigger function is enabled.


Step 3
Select the other keys you want to adjust, repeat steps one and two, then click save button to save settings to your keyboard.
(The sensitivity of the rapid trigger function can be customized, the range is 0.2-3.2mm.)


3. What Types of Games Benefit from Rapid Trigger?

FPS Games

In games like 《Valorant》、《CSGO》、《Apex Legend》. Rapid Trigger can significantly enhance your gameplay by providing faster and more precise movement control. Faster stop movement for faster shooting response.This allows you to aim, shoot, or perform other complex actions more efficiently.
You can watch the video below to see the actual performance in Valorant with Rapid Trigger enabled and disabled. Watch the Video

Rhythm Games (such as osu!)

In rhythm games, the Rapid Trigger feature can help you achieve higher hitting accuracy and better rhythm control. The increased response speed allows you to hit more accurately according to the rhythm, while also reducing finger fatigue and pain.





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