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Web Version Driver - Antler

The official firmware for the web driver is out.🙏 
We have resolved several known bugs and further optimized the algorithm to reduce the dead zone range of the bottom in RT mode.
We recommend all users to update to the latest firmware of web driver and only use the web driver to do the keyboard settings.
Software driver requires major changes to synchronize with the current firmware, due to the limited number of developers in our team, we won't develop the update for it for now, and decide to put more effort into improving the accuracy of the RT function and reducing the input latency, as well as developing more useful features such as DKS and analog input.
Therefore if you update the latest firmware for the web driver, you will no longer be able to use the software driver.
So if you use the web driver, please do not use the windows driver to change the configuration, it will cause unforeseen errors and probably damage your keyboard!

We strongly recommend that users clear the browser cache to retrieve the latest web files from the server.refresh the cache by shortcut keys:
Windows/Linux: Press Ctrl + F5.
Mac: Press Cmd + Shift + R.

Firmware update steps for A75:

1. Press Fn2/Menu+W to switch to Win mode

2. Unzip the firmware file:

3. Open the program file of Ry_Online_Update_v1.2.8.exe

4. click on the update button, if it is successful, it will show success.

5. Do your settings on the web driver

Download A75 Latest Web Driver Firmware

The new firmware is currently only available for the web version and does not support the original old exe version driver. 

Firmware update steps for G65:

1.Unzip the latest firmware zip

2.Then open the application named Ry_online updated v1.2.8.exe

3. Click on the Update button to update the firmware. It will show successful after success.

4.Do your settings on the web driver

Download G65 Latest Web Driver Firmware