DrunkDeer A75 Wired Actuation-Distance-Adjustable Magnetic Switch Keyboard - Drunkdeer
DrunkDeer A75 Wired Actuation-Distance-Adjustable Magnetic Switch Keyboard - Drunkdeer

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  • Ultra Response Speed: 10 times faster than the traditional mechanical keyboard.
  • Adjustable Actuation Distance: Actuate from 0.2mm to 3.8mm, the adjustable precision is 0.1mm
  • Rapid Trigger: Triggered once pressed, reset once released. Sensitivity range 0.1-3.6mm, adjustable accuracy is 0.1mm
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색상: 그레이

Space grey- PVD sliver(Aluminum)
Sliver white- PVD sliver(Aluminum)

Keycap: OEM-ABS (Assembled)

OEM-ABS (Assembled)
No (Barebone)
OEM-PBT-B-Orange -Shine-Through (Assembled)
OEM-PBT-White Peri
OEM-PBT-G-Peri -Shine-Through

Layout: ANSI

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DrunkDeer A75 - Made From Speed & Stability

Crafted for Those Who Demand More

Magnetic Switch

Lag-free Input

Adjustable Action Point

Rapid Trigger

RGB Backlight

Integrated IC

Prelubed Switch

Metal Knob

Suits For Win&Mac

Adjustable Actuation Distance

With an actuation range of 0.2 to 3.8 mm, magnetic switches can be adjusted to meet your need — offering different kinds of pressing tactile for gaming or typing.

Rapid Trigger

Triggered once pressed
Reset once released
Continously active and instantly deactivate perform an immediate
accuracy in FPS games.

ABS Keycaps & All-Area Magnetic Switch

This speed should be applied on every single key.

Brand New Switch Sensation

No Physical Contact With the Switch When Key Pressed

Magnetic switch provides A 100M-time keystriking life which is 2x of the traditional ones


Eliminating most friction and noise, only the smooth linear typing tactile remains.

The structure space brings more possibilities of switch types like clicky or tactile.

1. Volume Adjust Aluminum Knob
2. Knob encoder
3. ABS bottom-mount case - top part
4. ABS Keycaps
5. Magnetic switches and exclusive stabilizer
6. The Series 5000 metal switch plate
7. Cushion EVA foam
8. Powerful PCBA
9. Case foam - Cushioning and noise reduction
10. ABS bottom-mount case - bottom part
11. Silicone pad feet
12. Angle-Adjustable Tilt Legs

DrunkDeer Antler- More Possibilities of Your Keyboard

Customize your own sensitivity and LED efforts
Unlock the 'Rapid Trigger' function

Go to Web Driver Get the Latest Web Driver Firmware


75% Layout - 82 Keys


A75 Spec
Height: 29mm
Width: 335 mm
Depth: 140 mm
Weight: 715g


USB-C Charging Cable


Wired detachable USB-C cable
Cable Length: 1.5m
Polling Rate in HZ: 1000


Ultra Response Speed
Adjustable Actuation Distance
Rapid Trigger


1 Year

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