1)A Brief History of Magnetic Switches (Hall Effect Switches)

During the 1980s, the Hall Effect Key Switch was considered a premium and high-grade switch that saw widespread use, particularly in Lisp machine keyboards. Its reputation for luxury and quality made it a popular choice during that era.
(Lisp machine. (2022, December 26). In Wikipedia.)


Hall-effect keys are utilized in industries demanding high reliability, such as aerospace, military, and submarines, for precise measurement of velocity, position, and proximity. These switches, also utilized in military gear, are used to monitor changes in the rotational speed and axis of helicopter blades.



①Actuation Adjustable Switches

DrunkDeer’s Magnetic Switches keyboard enables customization of the actuation point based on your typing style.


Every person has a unique wrist, hand, and finger size, so typing style and force will vary. The strength of each finger is different too, with the little finger often weaker than the thumb. DrunkDeer lets you customize the trigger point (actuation point) to your preferred level of pressure and distance, accommodating all typing styles. Whether you bottom out or barely touch the keys, we've incorporated adaptive typing to provide noticeable comfort improvement for everyone.

The Fn+1~0 combo quickly changes the keyboard's trigger point from 0.4mm to 3.6mm. Whether you like to bottom out the keys or barely touch them, this keyboard accommodates all typing styles. It seamlessly blends typing and gaming experiences, making them compatible with each other.

② DualActionKey

A single key can be programmed for two actions or complex combinations based on the amount of pressure applied. This function gives you the ability to fine-tune each key for the ultimate gaming/typing performance. You may also adjust how deep the key must be pressed to output a letter, play with the key like a game controller stick(See original patent holder Honeywell technical document). If this seems confusing, let me show you some real-life scenarios where it comes in handy:

When you are playing CS:GO:

  • A gentle press of the key results in walking in the game, while a stronger press enables sprinting.
  • WASD keys set to super sensitivity to avoid delay in movement commands.
  • The remaining keys set to low actuation for improved chat precision.

Artists/Creators/Engineers benefits from this programmable 2-in-1 feature:

  • If you're a UI designer, photographer, or content creator, you probably use the Brush Tool (shortcut key B) when photoshopping. The 2-in-1 Action Keys allow you to switch to the Brush Tool and change the brush tip with just one key press, using different levels of force. Which enhances efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need to repeatedly click to open the brush preset picker.

With DrunkDeer’s keyboard, you have numerous options to customize your key functions. Our goal is to provide users with a unique, enjoyable, and user-friendly solution to their keyboard needs. We aim to make your keyboard both a productivity machine and a playful toy.


3)Mechanism--How it works AND what it brings?

Magnetic Switches utilize Hall sensors to determine the distance a key is pressed by measuring the strength of the magnetic field. It allows the keyboard to mimic the fluid motion of joysticks or triggers.  A key press triggers a sensor, sending a signal to the computer to register the keystroke. 

They don't rely on physical contact, which can wear down the key over time. Low-friction Hall effect switches can be pressed hundreds of millions of times. Their amazing longevity and smoothness can be traced to one design element: the lack of physical electrical contacts, which degrade over time in normal switches. This innovation makes the keyboard more potent by increasing its durability and reliability. This is vastly superior to the metal contacts of conventional switches.

The Hall effect switch can give you an edge when gaming. For instance, Hall effect switches have less keystroke delay compared to traditional mechanical switches. Plus, since magnetic switches have fewer pieces and components, there's a lower likelihood of them breaking down.

Meanwhile, Drunkdeer’s Magnetic Switches use strict manufacturing tolerance to cut down on wobbling, leading to a reduction in spring noise and plastic friction sounds. This results in improved switch stability and consistency, giving you a more consistent typing experience with each key press.

DrunkDeer's magnetic switches represent a major advancement over traditional Hall effect sensors. Most magnetic switches keyboards on the market rely on conventional Hall effect sensors, which are designed for larger linear distance detection (with an accuracy usually above 1mm) but not for shaft pressing (only 4mm travel in total). The traditional Hall effect sensors lack precision and often suffer from scrambled code issues due to compatibility and performance issues.

In contrast, DrunkDeer's Hall effect sensor offers improved accuracy (up to 0.01mm in practice) and performance. This allows for high-resolution detection of object position relative to the sensor and quick scanning of magnetic field changes. We integrate Hall sensors with LED beads, triodes, and capacitors to streamline circuit design, reduce power consumption, enhance sensing accuracy, and stabilize connections and inputs.



4)Features to consider

①Pre-lubed Switches

②Stabilizers under the larger keys

③Comes with Plate Noise Dampening Foam

④Anti-dust and waterproof:

Traditional MX mechanical switches are prone to damage from dirt and dust and can be tough to clean. Magnetic switches, however, are water and dust-resistant, making them less susceptible to grime and debris.

⑤Multi-functions knob




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